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Disability Sports Victoria (DSV) has a number of programs and services which we can assist you with, or we can collaborate with you to design a service tailored to your needs. 

Currently we can assist your needs in the following areas: (click each heading to find out more)

One of our more successful program has been the Pegasus Project.

The DSV Pegasus Project


The Pegasus Mentor Program will support teachers to create innovative opportunities for the students with special needs in their care .The primary purpose of the program is to enable students with a disability to have the opportunities to be themselves, to develop their skills, self confidence and self esteem through sport and physical activities. These activities will also allow them to develop their social connection through teamwork, respect and have most importantly to have fun. It will assist teachers to create a school environment that is inclusive of all students and gives them opportunities to feel positive about themselves, their fellow students and creates pathways for them to become active members of their community.

Disability Sports Victoria has identified that disabled students within a mainstream school, face extensive barriers that mainstream students are not subject to; especially in regards to physical education and sport outcomes. Our current physical education teachers are limited in their abilities to identify the specific needs of the students and where to obtain extra technical support and expertise. In a crowded curriculum that divides time between health, physical education, sport and administrative obligations our program aims to ease the burden on disabled students, their families and the school. The Pegasus program will assist in modifying physical education benchmarks to ensure an achievable challenge for the student. We also want to ensure that teachers are able to be mentored (advice, resources, equipment etc.) to allow skill development to occur for the disabled student. It is important that teachers feel supported and valued and that the appropriate development of these skills is a rewarding process for everyone involved. The Pegasus Program will ensure that a clear pathway has been forged to simultaneously increase participation and inclusiveness; whether it is in competitive sports or recreational activities.

The primary outcomes for the Pegasus Mentor Program are as follows:

  • Professional Learning for teachers working with students with a disability.

  • Pathways identified for sport and recreational pursuits appropriate for students with a disability.

  • Webinar networks for teachers working with students with a disability

  • Improved self confidence and self esteem of students

  • Whole school approaches to inclusive environments that is reinforced with sound school policy.

  • Improved social connectiveness of students with disability and mainstream students.

  • Improved understanding of students potential and the importance of appropriate benchmarks for assessment and reporting of students with special needs.


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