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Disability Sports Victoria (DSV) is a collective of organisations that work with groups and individuals with a physical, mental of emotional disability. It services people in the state of Victoria, Australia and aims to promote the development of sport and recreational opportunities for athletes with disabilities.

It represents the interests of its Members to all levels of government, sporting organisation and other relevant bodies.The Committee consists of a Chairman, nominated individuals who have made a significant contribution to improve sporting opportunities for people with disabilities.


Disability Sports Victoria (DSV) was incorporated in 1985 as the Victorian Disabled Sports Advisory Committee Inc. and become an advisory committee for the Minister for Sport. DSV is recognised as an umbrella organisation that services State Disability Sporting Organisations and their member athletes. It promotes the development of sport and disabled athletes of all abilities from grass roots to elite competition. Sport is seen to be essential, desirable and a beneficial activity. Sport is a vehicle for improving health and well being for those who participate and enjoy the roles of officials and volunteers. It is an important activity for developing community and belonging, especially for those with a disability and sensory impairments.

Disability Sports Victoria is committed to the promotion of and equality for all Victorians with a disability to participate in sport and/or recreational activities. The aim is to promote, encourage and increase the level of participation in sport for all Victorian's with a disability.

Mission Statement


Disability Sports Victoria is committed to the promotion and equality of opportunity for all Victorians with a disability to participate in sport. Our aim is to promote, encourage and increase the level of involvement in sport for all Victorian athletes with a disability from grass roots participation to elite competition.  


Collaborate – We will work with organisations to ensure that all Victorians are given the opportunity to participate in sport and recreation.


Innovate - We will advise, design and consult on methods of best practise for engaging all Victorians in sport and recreation activities.

Educate - We will invest in research based practise that will ensure that programs are supported with scientific research and are appropriate and sustainable for ensuring that all Victorians can participate in regular physical activities.


Advocate - We will ensure that the Victorian community is aware of the needs of all groups and is actively ensuring that sport is inclusive and equitable. Opportunities and programs will be promoted and successes will be celebrated that assist all Victorians to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Our Board

Michael Bentley

Executive Officer

Joshua Cox

Chief of Research / Child Safe Officer

Jo a'Beckett


Ryan Holloway

Vice Chairperson / Communication Officer

Alex a'Beckett


Rosa Miot

Committee Member

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