AAA Play

Access for All Abilities (AAA Play)
Disability Sports Victoria is proud to be a provider and partner for AAA Play.
Operated by Reclink Australia, Access for All Abilities (AAA Play) provides Australia’s only dedicated referral and connection service for people with a disability to sports and recreational opportunities in Victoria.
AAA Play work with the enquirer to identify what activity they wish to be involved in, what their disabilities are, and where they are located. Drawing on a network of State Sporting Associations, Regional Sports Assemblies, active community clubs, local governments, and disability specific sport and recreation providers, AAA Play can link each person with a suitable sport or recreation activity, in a timely manner. 

AAA Play make communicating as easy as possible, contact them by email, phone, social media and through the website . AAA Play pride themselves on being a reliable and accessible source of information and referral. 

Reclink Australia is proud to be providing AAA Play in Victoria thanks to the support of the Victorian State Government

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